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With SmartNet, we have many thousands of users who simply ‘connect and measure’ every day and that is how it should be, but once in a while, there may be an interruption to the service in your area.  It could be planned maintenance to the server infrastructure or a temporary disconnection of a particular reference station which causes a change to the local performance of the service, but whatever the reason, we want to let our customers know! 

To put the latest status information into the hands of our customers, we have developed a mobile App that provides an information channel that is independent of the GNSS device being used.  So whether you are a surveyor, engineer, farmer or construction machine operator, we can keep you informed of all aspects of the SmartNet service that are relevant to your location.

The SmartNet Mobile App provides the following:

  • Information regarding service interruptions, planned maintenance or temporary disconnections to reference stations that affect you
  • For those with Time Limited Subscriptions, information on the amount of service time you have consumed and the time you have remaining
  • Ionospheric model information across your region
  • Direct messaging to your local technical support centre
  • User name and password Details  
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