SmartNet Claim - Satellite Positioning Services


SmartNet Network is ideal for any high-precision projects such as utility mapping, asset management, GIS data collection, and any application that requires consistent high-precision sub-metre to centimetre accuracy.

GNSS Networks are changing the way GIS users collect and manage geographic data. The high accuracy that networks provide has GIS professionals storing and managing their data in new ways.

SmartNet Network makes any GIS database more accurate. Using a subscription to the SmartNet CORS network, we allow you to access our DGNSS corrections. You do not need to set up your own base station (no need to worry about finding a secure site or forgetting cables), you are not limited by Radio range / interference issues, you simply set up your GNSS rover and away you go.

With a DGNSS correction, your GIS's spatial accuracy is improved and therefore your spatial analysis becomes more reliable.